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In 1973, three graduate business schools, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), New York University (NYU), and London Business School (LBS), succeeded in overcoming academic isolationism and multiple logistical obstacles to make student exchanges a reality. Through continuous dialogue and a strong commitment to the idea, three faculty members – Ed Altman, Richard Zisswiller and Jim Ball – now Sir James Ball – created the first international business student exchange network.

The Partnership in International Management, or PIM, is today a consortium of top business schools from around the world that exchanges select graduate students for one academic term. PIM is governed by a covenant signed by all PIM members in 1986 in Milan and revised in 1994 in Rotterdam and 1999 in Melbourne. The PIM Steering Committee is composed of three elected chairpersons responsible for strategic planning and membership.

Additional top schools joined the community recently, growing the PIM network to 60 business schools worldwide. Member institutions share reputations for upholding the highest degree of academic excellence both regionally and globally, and value the organization's spirit of international cooperation among its students, faculty and administrations. PIM member institutions have exchanged several thousands of students through the years. The know-how acquired within PIM has permitted members to develop and enhance the international commitment of their institutions. Members meet annually to network, share best practices, discuss PIM's strategies for growth and development and collectively address issues that impact international education.