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PIM is governed by its members who vote on major decisions and strategies each year at the PIM Annual Meeting. Between annual meetings, the elected Chairs govern the organization and are accountable to all PIM members. The current structure of the PIM organization is as follows:

The Chairs

Three Chairpersons are nominated by PIM members. Each Chair is elected for three years by a majority vote, with one Chairperson retiring each year. A retiring chair is not eligible for immediate re-election. In order to secure representation of all the different geographical stakeholders, there are three chairs representing the three PIM regions: The Amercias Region, the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region and the Asia and Asia Pacific Region.

The Chairs are in charge of implementing the strategies suggested by the members during the Annual Meeting, as well as managing the budget, deciding on the structure and contents of the Annual Conference, and addressing the major issues of the association.

The Network Coordinator

The Coordinator is nominated by the Chairs and is in charge of managing the communication activities of the network, coordinating with the Annual Conference organization, and securing organizational support for the Chairs and the Members. The Coordinator is also responsible for running the Association's Secretariat and guarantees that the formal procedures of the association will be adhered to.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer is selected by the Chairs and is responsible for receiving and distributing funds on behalf of PIM, as well as maintaining PIM's banking relationships, preparing and filing all government reports required by the organization's current legal structure.

The Membership Committee

The committee members are nominated by the Chairs and hold the position for three years, with two/three retiring each year. The Committee is lead by a Chair nominated by the members. The composition and role of the Committee may vary depending on the needs of the association. The current structure envisages three sub-groups being composed by three members and two advisors (two deans who will have an advisory role). Each subgroup is responsible for a specific function:

New Members: This subgroup identifies top level schools located in strategic parts of the world and presents profiles of possible candidates. Upon approval by the PIM Chairpersons, the Committee makes a first choice based on the principles of excellence, regional balance, and student demand. The Committee also manages the relationship with schools applying for membership.

Current Members: The primary function of this subgroup consists in playing a mentoring role to current PIM members. The tasks range from identifying new membership issues, assisting members to meet the 20% rule, to working on alternative exchanges.

Survey and Data Analysis: The primary function of this subgroup is to follow up on the flow of exchanges between member schools in order to present a final annual report on the situation of exchanges between PIM members. They will also work on enhancing the communication and pro-active feedback that the PIM member schools receive about their situation.