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PIM Benefits

By joining PIM, international universities and business schools benefit on many levels. The network provides unique international opportunities for students, faculty and staff members, as well as for each institution as a whole.

Considering all the advantages that an affiliation with PIM offers, membership requirements are quite modest: a minimal level of network activity (exchanging with at least the 20% of the partners), low annual fees (currently 800 USD) and a commitment to participate in the Annual Conference where information can be shared between Partner Schools.

PIM benefits include:
  • Branding

PIM is an important brand name associated worldwide with academic excellence which allows for brand association with top international schools and universities.

  • Differentiating factor from local competition

Since only a few schools per country are admitted into the association, PIM increases international and national recognition, and stimulates internationalization amongst the partner schools.

  • Building new international joint programs and alliances

As a well-established network, PIM supports not only the development of traditional student exchange opportunities, but also the chance to build new international partnerships: joint and double degrees, joint research, summer programs, study trips, and regional business studies.

  • Linking with top international schools

PIM offers a close connection to a variety of global and regional school networks, which enables partners to quickly spot and explore new academic trends that may be of value to their own schools and programs. Moreover, PIM gives access to a unique database which gathers together the contacts of top international business school leaders.

And PIM facilitates relationship building. Thanks in large part to the Annual Conference, PIM allows for the creation of new partnerships while strengthening those already in existence. The Annual Conference allows all key-players to exchange ideas and strategies for improving internationalization of their schools.

  • Providing a source of international management knowledge

PIM facilitates benchmarking activities with international partners for best practices and problem solving. The Annual conference and the PIM mailing list represent a forum of ideas, projects, market trends and quality improvement. Administrators at partner schools also have access to a special training program, which aims to develop their managerial and communication skills.

  • Offering a source for faculty cooperation

PIM facilitates faculty exchanges and joint faculty research. A forum has been opened so that member schools can announce both calls for papers as well as openings for visiting professors.

  • Creating institutional and personal contacts

PIM's Annual Conference allows partners to meet on a regular basis, thus developing a professional network in the field of international education, which then also becomes a personal network.