Interested in Short-Term Programs?

A number of PIM Partner Schools offer short-term exchange programs. In some cases these are an alternative opportunity for student exchange; in others, they are programs simply open to international students. Click here for more information.

Strategy retreat 24 & 25 April in Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv , Israel

The Policy Group (the PIM chairs as well as the Dean of the 2017 PIM conference) have sent out a message to the deans and PIM coordinators, inviting its members to attend the Strategy retreat on 24 & 25 April in Tel Aviv, Israel, hosted by Coller School of Management. The strategy retreat in April is the first workshop engaging its members in the vision and strategy for PIM, with the aim of placing in front of the membership at the October 2017 PIM conference in Tel Aviv a draft vision and strategy document for further consideration within the Network. Signing up is possible until 10 February, more information can be obtained via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it