Annual Survey

Annual Coordinator Survey

The objective of the annual PIM Membership Survey is to gather information about the activities between PIM member schools in order to provide useful feedback to the PIM community and to obtain information about desired collaborations and regional development of the network. Data collected from this PIM Membership Survey will be analyzed and presented at the Annual Conference. We therefore kindly ask you to report your school's activities for the academic year 2022/23*.

Please make sure that only one survey is completed by your school and that all relevant activities are properly reported. The survey and its analysis only make sense if the provided data is accurate. Please note that you can save and return to your responses only if you use the same computer and internet browser and if you haven't cleared your browser cookies. Responses are only saved as you progress to the next page of the survey. We kindly ask you to complete this PIM Membership Survey no later than September 15, 2023. Thank you! *Definitions: - Academic year 2022/23: roughly from Aug/Sept/Oct 2022 to July/Aug/Sept 2023 according to each school’s academic calendar - Long-term exchange: student exchange longer than 2 months - Short-term exchange: student exchange up to 2 months- Online exchanges: if students returned home earlier due to Covid-19 or if they didn't even travel to the host institution but attended courses online at the host institution they shall also be included in the numbers

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